How to Become Instantly RT-able (A Twitter Guide)

RT stands for retweet, which is to take another Twitter member’s tweet and post it as new, giving credit to the original author using “RT” plus the member’s name: RT @member or via @member. [Edit via Travelwriter comment]

1. Say something of substance. This may come easily or be a carefully crafted idea. Tweets involving one helping many are always welcome. For example, @Iconic88’s “Pay it Forward” style tweets are always great to RT.

2. Choose an uplifting or inspiring quote. @LoriMoreno’s feed is a joy to read, often filled with fantastic quotes and beauty.

3. Be Funny. I’m talking @TinaFey funny on a regular basis, like @KimSherrell who is not only funny, but inventive and the founder of #artwalk #bob and #casting which leads to our next…

4. Have a Purpose. Whether it’s an event, charity or simply helping a fellow tweep, Twitterers love to unite for a cause! We get involved and will help promote your blog, website, whatever it is as long as it’s exciting and for a good cause. Help a fellow tweep! @PowerSellingMom is an expert on charity!

5. Leave Space! How many characters is your name plus 2 spaces and RT? Mine is 18. See? RT @ModelSupplies (space after!) I know I need to leave at LEAST 18 spaces for the 1st RT. I believe this is CRITICAL in getting RTed.

6. Drop valuable links. Whether tech related downloads or links to great content, we can’t get enough of links and will pass on the great ones. I visit @MayhemStudios and @mashable regularly for wonderful links.

7. Ask questions. @Jason_Pollock will often ask a community question that is widely RTed. He usually asks for an @reply answer and tweeple get the feeling he will actually read them. I *know* he does.

8. Offer a job or opportunity. Many times one can see a great opportunity that does not necessarily apply personally, but is worth passing on. It may help a follower and is one of the main keys to social media networking.

9. Share an idea or point out talent that’s so good, it DARES people to RT it! @AlohaArleen will often share things that other tweeple would wish she had kept quiet. I don’t want to list it here, better go read her feed! She’s very generous and her @replies are often worth RTing!

10. Be famous. Famous tweeps will get almost anything RTed but usually there is a good cause associated. It just makes it faster & easier when you’re famous. It also helps to have famous guests on your show – ask @OliviaWilder!

11. Be clever or artsy. Using upside down text or different styles of text or carefully crafted sprites such as @LoriMoreno’s “Love Wave” are fun and beautiful to pass on. Give tweeps something to show their friends!

12. Talk about Twitter. There’s nothing more fun to RT than something about Twitter itself. Reason? It literally relates to everyone on Twitter by definition!

13. Report Breaking News. While there are twitter Ids like @BreakingNews dedicated to breaking news (go figure!), sometimes the average tweep finds out about something first hand – could be a flood, road closing, product recall, etc. We love fast information, but check your facts before posting.

14. Say “Please”. Manners always count. Asking “Plz RT” will get better results than just “RT”. Twitterers are mostly civilized tweeple and like to be asked politely. Please do not ask for every one of your posts to be RTed, we will RT if we like it. Don’t beg – LOL

Notice the types of posts you personally RT and begin to develop a style. You don’t have to stick to any certain theme, but people like to have an idea what they will find at your feed. My feed will probably always show a little of all of these things. I have many widely varied interests, like most of the tweeple on Twitter!

UPDATE: Tip: Twitter Search “RT @yourname” to show a list of who has RTed you! via @paulbritphoto

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How to Become Instantly RT-able (A Twitter Guide)

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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79 responses to “How to Become Instantly RT-able (A Twitter Guide)

  1. Wow! Great article! Thanks and I will try to follow some of these great tips!

  2. Moi? Famous? No way, but thanks for thinking so. So funny you posted this today, because I have been accumulating a list of “Why I Will Unfollow You or Never Follow You!” Too much to do right now to get it up, but I hope within a couple weeks (after I get to CA).

    You forgot to put yourself in there: Be friendly and welcoming to everyone! (@ModelSupplies)

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. A couple great place to find out how to make tweets that get RT’d and to see if you’re getting RT’d are:

    Disclosure: I’m a partner in but I feel if you’re goal is to get RT’d, both of these sites will help you along that goal.

  4. OK, I’m slow – what does RT stand for? Return Tweet? And is that when you respond to someone with the return arrow on their TWEET, so it goes only to them. But if I am right, all my FOLLOWERS can read it, and it doesn’t make sense to them. N’est pas?

    Pls fill me in. I’m surprised your article doesn’t define RT — but then , there i go again…

    • modelsupplies

      You’re right, Travelwriter, I was remiss not to mention the definition of the keyword in the title! I think I may revise – RT stands for retweet, which is to take another Twitter members tweet and post it as new, giving credit to the original author using “RT” plus the member’s name: RT @member or via @member. An @reply, as it’s known, sometimes makes sense as stand alone, should contain bits of info that would allow it to stand alone, in my humble opinion. If you’re into a deep conversation or convo, you will probably want to move to either DM (direct message) or email so as not to alienate your followers. Thank you for your valuable insight!

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  8. cool tips….i follow it..

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  10. Super…(Applause),,,This was absolutely one of the best articles I’ve read about using Twitter!! Thanks so much!

  11. modelsupplies

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! Please let me know if you have any questions, corrections or additions. I plan to write more about Twitter & am loving WordPress. Yup! WordPress is the one – I’m staying! Happy Mother’s Day! – Anita

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  15. Thank you for the RT tips. This is one of my favorite Twitter features. Such a cool idea to help interesting, timely, funny or helpful bits of information move between individuals and larger circles or people.

  16. Very cool tips. I learned a lot here and will definitely use most of these tips. Thank so much for sharing. 🙂

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  18. Twitter seems to work best when used as an actual, real-live “social” media – as in, social, as in “talking.” Auto “DMs” – (Direct Messages) can help you manage followers when you start to accumulate them, but if you want to keep them, you’d best start taking the time to genuinely RESPOND to them when they write you back.

    Twitter is populated with real, live, people, with real, live, feelings. Stimulate them with humor, intelligent (or at least thoughtful) postings; help them with information from your own area of expertise; and, if you see someone who could simply use an “are you ok?”, do THAT, too – and you’ll find your Twitter experience far more rich than just money.

    Because no one, on their deathbed, ever said: I wish I had more dollars in the bank than I had friends around me.

    -elizabeth williams bushey

    • Hello Elizabeth. Even though I have a TweetLater account, I NEVER auto DM EVER! Reason being, that the bad “press” far out ways any good benefits. Press reads like this “Who uses auto DM? Spammers, thats who! ” Most Twitter whales will auto un-follow if you auto DM. That is another big reason not to do it. Popular sites like SocialToo have preferences to un-follow people with bad reputations based on there own interface. A more respectable way to manage DM’s is through a desktop app, such as TweetDeck, Seesmic. I use TweetDeck, it allows me to see any DM’s I might get and respond to them, if they are not spammers. Which by the way happens very little. I believe most tweeps simply don’t read their DM’s anymore. This of course is just my own opinion and I am NOT against auto DMing.

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  23. Dont forget – – it will add a retweet link to your update so anyone can RT it from any interface i.e Twitters shoddy interface! This is a @Twitter_Tips application and one of the best Twitter apps out there. Glad I could pass that on be sure and follow me @TweetNirvana (forgive my shameless plug)

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  51. Saying “please” doesn’t seem to work for me…Boohoo.

    • modelsupplies

      LOL Yes, I think it is better to leave the extra space and make the tweet exciting =)
      Thanks so much for commenting!
      Anita @ModelSupplies

  52. WOW! Very informative. Thank you for educating me on some points and reminding me on others. I think I get RT’ed a lot because I usually RT things that I find interesting.

    I think also that’s why I like Twitter so much. I feel that I have found people who share my likes and dislikes…and I love the bond of friendship that forms.

    • modelsupplies

      I totally agree! I love to RT really short, awesome tweets that will pick up sometimes more than 3-4 more RTs! It’s a fantastic way to network.

      If you would like to see some posts on Twitter lists, I am moving this blog to Thank you SO MUCH for your comments~!!!
      Anita @ModelSupplies

  53. A very insightful article. I’ve been on this Twitter for about a month now because I started a Webzine (blog), and enjoying it. I suppose I should make my tweets shorter so people can RT it. Thanks.


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