46 responses to “What It’s Like To Be #TwitterSuspended

  1. check out what i did while suspended on my blog made fun of iranian president.. funny pics so bored .

  2. Twitter says a “spam cloud” problem caused undue suspensions and they are working to restore:

  3. What a nightmare that was.
    I do hope they don’t do that very often.
    My goodness.
    Glad you are back in action!
    Twitter Hugzzzz Danna

  4. Now I am worried. I have used the word B*T and SP*M like crazy tonite to help others identify them. I hope it was just a glitch

  5. Many thanks for including me on your list , Anita. Whew, so glad to see we’re back up and running in the Twitterverse. For sure a bizarre experience today – I had every confidence we’d be reinstated… just didn’t know how long. Four hours felt like four days!! lol.

    • modelsupplies

      Welcome HOME, Mari~! It really was bizarre! I think I left out a few emotions in the range~! LOL Thank you all so much for commenting! xoxo

  6. simplevitality

    Yes, it caused me a lot of grief. Glad to be back.




  7. I was one of the ones suspended as well! It was frustrating to say the very least!

  8. Whew! I thought I was the only one! I took my account’s suspension very personally! Suffered some MAJOR twitter withdrawal symptons yesterday!

    Thanks for the tip on the Twitter employee extraordinaire – I will be keeping that name handy!


    ~ sage

  9. Banned once. Ticket sent out and The Support Desk says about “Spam Cloud” problem. Not really sure what does it mean exactly. Any explanation about that Anita?

    • modelsupplies

      No explanation yet…Twitter says all were using TweetLater, but it is not a violation of their terms. I tried to schedule one tweet w/TweetLater & it did not work. I was using HootSuite for timed tweeting.

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  11. It WAS a nightmare, Anita – so glad you and a few others were right there to guide us through! Thanks again!

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