Twitter Search – Help! I Don’t Show Up In Twitter Search!

Thank you to my friend @MayhemStudios Calvin Lee, who helped me with this issue a great deal!

I understand from Calvin, that since most websites, including Google, index Twitter for their ranking purposes, that if you do not show up in Twitter search, you may as well be dead. You do not exist.

{Click to enlarge}
Perish the thought!

Anyone who has been removed from search always wants to know the same two things:

A. How can I get back into search?
B. What did I do to be taken out of search so I can avoid it in the future?

A. How can I get back into search?
First, check to make sure this is the actual problem. Go to Twitter Search and type “from:yourname” in the search box. If you see no results, this post is here to help! If you see results, you probably are showing up in search and may have some other issue.

{Click to enlarge}
Either way, unless your problem is fixed, go to to see if there is any current problem at Twitter. Check “Known Issues”. If there is no mention of a problem with search, go ahead and file a support ticket. You could say something like, “I am gone from search and believe I need to have my cache cleared.” Please be patient and wait overnight for a response. If you have waited “too long” and cannot stand the pain any longer, send ONE @reply to @delbius with that same message and include your ticket number to help keep duplicate requests to a minimum. Please know this is her personal account,  so please do not bother her unless you absolutely must. PLEASE DO NOT EVER ask for RTs on any support issue or message to Delbius!

B. What did I do to be taken out of search so I can avoid it in the future?
There are a couple of things that could have happened. You can stop doing these things to reduce your risks, even if you are still in search.

1. Do not repeat a tweet or link within at least approx. 4 hours (timing is ballpark and greatly appreciate @webaddict for telling me that recently. I had been trying to figure if the timeframe was in hours, days, weeks, years?) So take note particularly if you want someone to vote for you or you promote blogs, radio shows, products or services. No matter how innocent and wonderful your cause, if you repeat the tweet and/or link too soon, it could knock you out of search. Instead, mark your tweet a favorite, then you can tell your friends to see the link in your favs. RTing is more important and appreciated than ever!

{Click to enlarge}
2. Do not use untrusted 3rd party apps that cause your account to tweet without you typing, such as “TweeterAdder” or “that guy’s crazy idea”. I used to say I try everything, but I have since revised that viewpoint! Stay away from these guys: also the penguin, who else? Anyone who says you must agree to tweet something from your account, in general, should be avoided – just close the tab!
3. Sometimes “it’s not your fault”. Occasionally, there is a search bug that still requires the clearing of cache by Twitter Support. These things happen.

Here are some reasons it happens straight from Twitter Support.

{Click to enlarge}

* Posting duplicate content (links or tweets)
* Misuse of hashtags (words followed by the ‘#’ sign)
* Sending automated tweets or replies
* Using bots or applications to post similar messages based on keywords
* Posting similar messages over several accounts
* Abusing trending topics
* Aggressively following and un-following people (a common spam tactic)
* Re-posting public content without attribution to the author

via Twitter Support

I am guilty of doing both repeating tweets and ‘helping people help me’ with their “crazy ideas”. I openly admit this because anyone can search your account for anything at any time for any reason on Twitter. We should be reminded our statements are extremely public and act accordingly. Usually, your tweets from before your search problem existed do not ever appear, but do show up from that point forward. People search takes a few days longer to resolve, from my understanding. Please be patient. If your tweets have been removed, it is in an effort to keep Twitter from having repetitive content which I think we can all agree is a very good thing.

If you fall out of search, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily a spammer or a bad person, but maybe you were not aware that repeating tweets or links with slightly varied content, such as directed at different people, was something to avoid. It is. So now you know. Go forth and sin no more!

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by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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112 responses to “Twitter Search – Help! I Don’t Show Up In Twitter Search!

  1. I am having this very same problem and I have submitted a ticket. Great advice here on how to handle it. I have written about it in my blog at I am adding this link to the comments on the blog.

    Thanks soooooo much!

    • modelsupplies

      You are so welcome! You have really captured the feeling of not showing up in search! Great post – everyone should check it out so you know you’re not alone!

  2. I followed your advice and got it fixed about 20 minutes ago! I am soooooooooo HAPPY! I am sharing this link to your article with everybody! it was really causing me a lot of stress. My new follower numbers had dwindled down to about zero every day as a result of not being listed in a search or showing up on trending topics/searches. I am so thankful for this article.
    Here is my twitter account I would love for the follow & any new followers since I lost out on so many from this problem.

    • modelsupplies

      Yes! Calvin told me that EVERYTHING-even Google-now uses Twitter search for indexing their sites! My sales were plummeting at eBay & Etsy – they started to take right back off within a day of showing back in Twitter search! Twitter People Search takes a few days longer to resolve, but the 1st is the most important to everything online! Congratulations! I’m SO HAPPY for you! It was horrible not being in the searches. Almost felt like it didn’t matter what I tweeted – love your article for how it felt & hope everyone reads it! (above in 1st comment by Teddi).

  3. I just submitted my fourth ticket and left a response to the link Teddi provided. I hope this works! (

    • modelsupplies

      It worked for Teddi! And it worked for me! Countless others! Big thanks to Calvin Lee @MayhemStudios =)

  4. This is really helpful. I had this problem from May-end of June. I’m back in Search…but any ideas of when I will be back in Find People? Or what’s up with that?

    • modelsupplies

      Once you are showing in Twitter Search, it will take up to a week to show in People Search from my understanding. If it still doesn’t happen, please see the article – I do not want to say our heroine’s screen name again down in comments! LOL

  5. I am not showing up in people find yet either but I do not even care about that right now. I am just happy my tweets can now be found in trending topics/searches. I got 11 new followers within 12 hours of my tweets showing up in searches again. I am so happy! When you get your ticket number be sure to send a message to the person handling it that “I think I need my cache cleared to fix this problem” That fixed it for me!
    Here is my story about this:–updates-not-showing-up-on-twitteryours-may-not-be-either.A14DEA0C-AD3E-4B5F-8286-EAC41E51CD8D
    I hope I NEVER have to go through this again!
    Thanks so much to the twitter tech person named above in the article @xxxxxxx who was able to fix this for me! 🙂
    I am all smiles now!!!!!!

  6. I opened a ticket before and they sent me a message saying it was a known issue and were fixing it. That was weeks ago. So I just now opened another and sent an @reply to @delbius. I sure hope it works. I haven’t been able to be searched in a while and I still don’t see where I broke any of the rules. -sigh-

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  9. I’ve been officially not been included for at least 2 months. Its getting pretty annoying. Thanks for you help


  10. Thanks! My problem must be cache-related because I didn’t appear yesterday but I show up today.

  11. I recently had this problem as well and am very happy to exist once again! 😉

  12. well, i just realized that i am not showing up in search and none of my tweets are in the public timeline either.

    what i am beginning to think is that because i used some 3rd party application at to pull the RSS feed from my primary website and tweet any time i make a post that maybe i got flagged or something? Or because i’m not actually making a physical tweet, but rather just pulling from a feed that its not recognizing my account.

    if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, i’d love to hear.


  13. thanx i was having the same problem. But i have put a support ticket and didn’t get reply. would have to try the other thing. But thanx a lot

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  22. Hi Anita!

    Just wanted to tell you, YOU ROCK HONEY! LOL

    Love you!!


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  39. Thanks for this post – it’s the only one that helped me figure out why I had been disappeared from Twitter after researching this issue for weeks!

    My question to you is – if I disable connections with “write” access, quit using TweetLater Social Oomph and don’t retweet links within 4 hours, don’t duplicate tweets, will I start to show up in Twitter Search and Find People again…

    or do I have to start all over with a new account?

    • Doing all of those things will help keep you in search once you are reinstated, but you still have to file a ticket through support to get back in! The great thing is that now you know what to do to avoid falling out again – let’s not forget those programs that force you to tweet – such as “get 400 followers fast!”. I believe that TweetLater/Social Oomph is ok to use, but cannot be certain.

      Thing is, even after you are back in search, you can fall back out again. It’s happened to me a few times since I wrote this and got back in for the first time! So even knowing what we know, it could happen, but these things will certainly help & knowing what to do, taking action quickly will minimize the damages you suffer if it happens again. Check yourself in search frequently – especially if you are doing Sponsored Tweets or something that requires your tweets to show in search! Check first =)
      Thanks so much for all of your great comments!
      Anita @ModelSupplies

  40. Thank you Anita for posting this very helpful article.


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  50. OK – I feel like an idiot – I have clicked all your links and don’t see anywhere a place to “submit a ticket”

    The Twitter Support page is the most frustrating thing about Twitter…

    I have multiple accounts and live Twitter events so this is a HUGE problem for me…HELP!

    Where on the Twitter Support page is the “Submit a Ticket” link?

    Robyn Hawk

    • They seem to have changed it – and I believe Delbius has been promoted… So tweeting to @Charles or @Lukester is what was last recommended, I do believe. Strange – I can’t find where to submit a ticket anymore, either, and I asked! Sorry about that, Robyn!
      Anita @ModelSupplies

      WAIT – This just went through for me: Please post and let us know if it works for you, too! Thanks!

      • Anita – I forgot to come back and post – I tried submitting a ticket – No Results 😦

        This is what I got:

        Form letter – Hi aflyonthewall,
        Twitter is a free service and we receive quite a bit of mail, so we may not get to yours right away. But fret not! Here are some common issues that may answer any questions you have regarding Twitter search.
        * My tweets aren’t appearing in Twitter search and I’m not appearing in Find People search.
        If this is your issue, please read this article:

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  62. First thanks for inspiring me – since the fixes in all the articles I can find are no longer feasible…

    I am proposing to: “grow a group of Twitterers that has enough “juice” to change the rules!!!!

    see my blog post at:

    Thanks again

  63. I’m Back – and I am back in Twitter Search – thanks for being so patient.

    My post is at


  64. I’ve had this problem for a couple of months and hopefully, fingers crossed, the support request I’ve sent will see me resurface in Twitter search. Thank you for your help, @diondeville

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  70. How long will it take for twitter to process my request?

    • You should give them 24-48 hours before sending an @ reply to support – try @Charles these days, I think =) @Delbius has been promoted – w00t!
      Anita @ModelSupplies

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  72. Hi friend, I am having this problem, but still it’s not solved, my tweets and hashtatgs are not coming in a twitter search, so help me please . . !

  73. My problem is neither I, nor anyone else, can find me in twitter people search. I’ve tried my real name and user name and nothing comes up. I’ve submitted a ticket and they told me it has been resolved but it hasn’t! I’ve invited many people to twitter only for them to tell me they can’t find me. 😦

    • Did you try sending your ticket number to @delbius one time without asking for retweets? What is your Twitter name?

      Anita @ModelSupplies

  74. help me see where i am on twitter

  75. .

    LOL. Looks like you’ve become one of the de-facto e-hubs for this issue. 😀

    Hi. 🙂

    Thanks for the pointers Anita. I’m only new to Twitter, just a month. But gone totally absent from the searches, tweets and account all missing. For commenting to controversial and biased media Phone-Ins (the reason I signed up!) it means I’m now an unheard voice in the wilderness, and thus utterly pointless tweeting.

    In my case, from what I’ve read here and elsewhere, I suspect it may have been naïve/enthusiastic use of #hashtags has triggered their aggressive, dumb, dehumanised filtering. So I’m just commenting here to update everyone on their handling, hoping to help other current Googlers/Scrooglers on this topic..

    Today, 2011.03.21, my ZenDesk submission, garnered an instant auto-reply email (below), and an instant “Resolved/Closed” status of the Support-Request. D’Oh!. So I’ve had to add a comment to the Support-Request page to re-open it. Whether anything useful results is yet to be seen!

    Their instant auto-reply email reads :


    We’re sorry you’re having issues with your tweets or messages. If you are experiencing one of the problems listed below, you can find an answer in these help articles:

    * Missing your Mentions: 
* Tweets missing from Search: 
* Tweet count incorrect: 
* Unable to Tweet:

    If you’re having trouble with something that isn’t addressed above, you can either:

    1. Reply to this email to re-open your ticket and let us know, or 
2. Follow @support on Twitter and send us a DM (private message).

    We’ll try to help you in a jiffy!

    Thanks for being patient, and thanks for using Twitter. 



    • Yes~! This post put me on the map. I would recommend following @lukester and/or @Charles and sending him one @reply WITH your ticket number. @delbius is promoted and now the head of a different department (Trust and Safety), while those guys are in Support. @Support is good to follow, but on your ticket, it may actually be assigned to someone. Tweeting the ticket number to them along with a message that you understand the problem, hope they will clear your cache and you will sin no more – usually speeds the process. The ticket number not only assures they get credit for their work, but avoids duplicate requests which no one likes~!

      Hope this helps~!
      @AnitaNelson @ModelSupplies

  76. tweets are not showing up on my website feed as supposed to. Is there a problem on your end or something I can do?

  77. Tweets are not showing up on my website feed as supposed to. Is there a problem on your end or something I can do? This has happened once in the past, and I am not sure if this is a twitter error or something I must do.

    • Tweets are not showing up on my website feed as supposed to. Is there a problem on your end or something I can do? This has happened once in the past, and I am not sure if this is a twitter error or something I must do.
      I believe last time the cache needed to be cleared? Please advise.

      • modelsupplies

        Do you have a Twitter widget? Are you talking about my personal tweets? I do not work for Twitter, I’m just a fanatic user =)

  78. how long does it take for support to reply?. It’s been two full days now and nothing.
    This is very frustrating, I was top of the Find People search and now I’m totally gone and I don’t know why. I don’t spam or anything like that.
    I losing potential followers everyday

    • modelsupplies

      Yes, for some reason it takes a lot longer to get back into the “Find People” search engine than regular Twitter search.

  79. same problem

  80. I JUST made my account today. and I don’t show up in search at all. Even now that I only have 9tweets. It doesn’t make sense.

    • New accounts do take a while to show up. You should check and see if you show up now that some time has passed =)

  81. I did as you mentioned — typed From:Name in the search bar. When I typed my handle >> From:@example, I found it, but when I typed my name From:Name I did not. I did this on some other accounts, and I was able to find it through both the name AND the twitter handle. Does this mean I have been taken out of search?

    • Yes, it most likely does. When you see your name containing the @ symbol, it is like a 3rd party referencing you. You want to see yourself in the 1st person – what you are saying – so if you do not show up without the @ symbol, you will need to follow those steps to get back into search.

  82.!/​iKeepItReaI follow me for all sorts of quotes

  83. Can I still ask for help to @delbius? I’m having the same problem. I joined an event using hashtag, but my tweets didn’t appear at all. I tried on searches, same happened. I can’t find my other usual tweets on search using my name either. This is very disappointing since I myself rarely tweets but somehow encounter this problem. And by the way, I am also confused about the way to file a support ticket, saw no sign/button for it on the related pages. Doesn anyone know anything that might be helpful even the tiiiniest bit? ;__;

  84. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come
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    theme? Great work!

  85. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information approximately this topic for a long time and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you sure in regards to the source?

  86. hello!
    I am having the same problem as described here but i can’t find ”file ticket” anywhere, can you say me where can i find it step by step? Or tell me who should I ask for. This problem is really bothering me. I want to be reachable!
    Help me, please.

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  88. I have been reading out a few of your stories and it’s clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your site.

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