Deepak Chopra’s One Minute Shift

Now ask me how it feels to be one of 4,192 people @Deepak_Chopra follows on Twitter! FANTASTIC!

It all started with @Ciaobella50 & @Mountainkat. Bella was asking a question seemingly to God, joked MK, a question posed to Deepak Chopra on Twitter. She had barely formed a sentence when he answered her! She was shocked and amazed when she told me and I’m sure she’s blogging about it. I had to write this before reading her blog so I do not have a skewed view. She went on to tell me that he had DMd her! I was star struck! Not only by my beautiful friend, but by her attention from such a man! What an incredible turn of events!

Bella’s Twitter entries were simply hilarious, as usual, poking fun at herself, how she was “just sitting there having a conversation with Deepak Chopra”. He had advised her to be silent for 2 weeks. “2 weeks!” Bella marveled, “I can’t do that!” I suspect she could, but would miss her terribly! I am not sure whether Deepak meant for her to be silent in real life (irl) or online as in Twitter? Bella, not wanting to know, I suspect, did not ask for clarification. She continues to glow brighter than most! The truth is that all of my friends shine brighter than most whether they are on this list or not. Should they seek out Deepak, it would give him the opportunity to discover them. Perhaps some have followed my example and are following the fake Deepak Chopra. I will link only to the real Deepak because of this now.

A few of my friends @Deepak_Chopra follows on Twitter:

One Minute Shift is not to be missed! Please watch & RT!

Special thanks to @CiaoBella50 since I was following the fake Deepak Chopra previously! I am eternally grateful to my lovely friend!

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by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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4 responses to “Deepak Chopra’s One Minute Shift

  1. Deepak Chopras has been following me for many months. Imagine my surprise when within 2 days of each other I got a “follow” request from Deepak Chopra and then Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar!

  2. I think I am following the fake Chopra-didnt know that there was one! Well, let me follow the real Chopra and maybe he might be drawn to add another very special “Follow” to his list! Anita, thanks for posting the video!

    EarthFire -Kim

    • I followed the fake Deepak for a LONG TIME, don’t feel bad! He posted Deepak quotes, so how were we to know?

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