Keyless Entry is the Way to Go!

Here is our Schlage Keyless Entry Lock

Here is our Schlage Keyless Entry Lock

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Time to do home winterizing! With the economy in dire straits, it’s a good idea to beef up security on your home for the winter, too. And in my case, we could no longer afford our homeowner’s insurance, so we really needed a better deadbolt. Locks have one flaw as pointed out in an episode of “Seinfeld” the door must be closed! Once the door is closed, there is the issue of “who has the key?” Not anymore! No juggling or struggling to fit the key in the lock with your arms filled with groceries or our dogs pulling. Now remembering a simple pin number will let you into your home! No one can “guess” your number because the unique numbers are provided with the lock. There are no dots to connect or codes to crack.

The lock comes in a variety of colors. Ours is Aged Bronze, very dark.

The lock comes in a variety of colors. Ours is "Aged Bronze", very dark.

Maybe the lock looks complicated to you? It did to me. I thought I better have my husband install it and set it up. But installation was super easy and only took about a half hour. I thought we needed to program it – NOPE! So we did have to take it back apart to reset the unit. That was a whopping 3 minutes that could have been avoided by paying attention. Schlage truly made this the easiest way for a homeowner to secure his/her home with the latest and most up to date technology. Keyless entry for a home is new to me, so it comforts me to have a key override in case anything should ever go wrong. Keyless entry brings our home into the 21st Century and raises the value a little, if you ask me. The locks are beautiful! Check out the assortment! It is very dark on my street, too, so the vibrant violet color that illuminates the keypad is a godsend at night!

If your home is worth $100,000 or more, shouldn’t you take extra care in choosing a lock to secure it? What about the safety of your family? The actual deadbolt part of the lock is longer than average, so no one can pry it open with a butter knife. The Schlage keyless entry system resembles a security alarm system and that doesn’t hurt when criminals profile neighborhoods. We have probably all seen the stickers for alarm systems in the windows of our neighbors. I live in the metro Detroit area, so I know a thing or two about avoiding crime.

My only criticism is with the packaging: this lock should have a GIANT STICKER on the package that says, “DO NOT REPROGRAM! Installation REALLY IS EXTREMELY EASY!”

Note, my husband, David, is a licensed, registered Locksmith and Residential Builder who really loves this lock.

Disclosure: Schlage supplied this product free of charge, but I was NOT obligated to blog about it. And we were NOT obligated to love it – but we do!

by Anita Nelson


by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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