What Would You Do To Be A Twitter Trending Topic?

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What @officialtila REALLY Thinks of Her Fans – October 5th, 2009

Twitter Trending Topics

Twitter Trending Topics

A trending topic on Twitter occurs when so many tweople tweet about a certain word, phrase or #hashtag that it becomes a top trending topic. It is not easy to become a trend on Twitter since the population explosion, Michael Jackson’s death and armies of bots compete with different keywords for the ten slots all the time. Yes, your heart will sink if you see your favorite star’s name along with “RIP” in trending topics. Twitter now offers the fastest news this blogger knows in existence via trending topic. It is THE place to check first for news and normally is filled with links to stories about that topic.

@officialtila on TwitterCounter.com

@officialtila on TwitterCounter.com

Is it valuable Public Relations to be a Twitter trending topic? You bet your background, it is! In fact, some tweeps have sunken to new lows to trend. This morning, I caught a tweet to @officialtila begging her to stop talking about suicide since children were up and on their way to school. I am happily writing this from the standpoint that I have no idea who Tila Tequila is! I read this morning that she has a show on MTV – you know, that cable TV station that used to play music, but now only retains the name Music Television? Her page is Verified, background nude, and her Bio promises “Follow me for a fun time! xox”. Not today. No fun today, boys and girls.

@officialtila page

@officialtila page

This morning Tila was busy threatening her followers that she was going to kill herself, manipulating them to create hap dash #hashtags in the lamest attempt to get a trending topic EVER. She threatened suicide. Apparently, this wasn’t even the first time! I felt sorry for her – AT FIRST, but I kept reading. This is one of the most self-absorbed, careless, reckless, self-important “stars” I have ever seen! She has adolescents as fans and followers, engaging them in considering suicide for her and themselves. Counting off the ways to perform the act and pronouncing which ways were “painful”.

Tila tries for trending in the worst way.

Tila tries for trending in the worst way.

Likely angry that she couldn’t become a trend, she began to say that Twitter blocked her from trending. I doubt Twitter is blocking her in fact, I’m surprised they have not pulled her down for her avatar or background picture. That’s star treatment. Personally, I didn’t see that many tweets about her – for or against her suicide to pull a trend. She just didn’t get it and became furious at her lack of trending, ranting at whomever spoke to her, and finally, telling everyone that she is tired of working so hard to give up 50% to taxes to support them!

Does Tila pay your way? Do you follow her?

Does Tila pay your way? Do you follow her?

Does Tila put food on YOUR table?

Does Tila put food on YOUR table?

Other things Tila said:

  • Accused people of being racist, while she talked about “certain demographics”
  • Said @lilduval turned his back on her – what is he supposed to do, exactly?
  • Ripped on @cthagod when he got her to stop her suicidal ranting from what I can tell. Oh yes, she deleted MOST of what she said to him because of the inflammatory nature, but we’ve got your back:
This doesn't sound like nice, normal conversation.

This doesn't sound like nice, normal conversation.

She ends this pathetic grab for attention by actually lecturing to her followers as if they are the ones with the problem! She quotes Russell Simmons to prove she did not make racist remarks, while it could certainly be proven that she did. At the end, she is “an educator, a bringer of light, lecturing mankind for the greater good”. Get real! Take responsibility for yourself, Tila!

Does this sound racist to you?

Does this sound racist to you?

She said things that were quite possibly legally actionable to other tweeps, such as “Ur gonna get shot” which could be construed as a threat.

"Ur gonna get shot"

"Ur gonna get shot"

Much of her “episode” appears to be deleted, but we can turn to search for the next 14 days or so to read it, can’t we? Tila’s Twitter Search – Yes, we can, trending topic or not. Tila, put the Twitter down. It’s not your best moment. It did make me write this article, but I still don’t know who you are and worse, I no longer care to find out. Here’s what people are saying to Tila on Twitter. Do you still follow her? Where are you going?

Does it all come down to conceit?

Does it all come down to conceit?

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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7 responses to “What Would You Do To Be A Twitter Trending Topic?

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  2. As Usual Anita … your post is right on the mark!! Seriously Demented Woman.. Tila Is!! So very sad she gets any publicity at all, let alone have her own show!!!

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  4. Thanks Anita. I’m glad I found this post and glad I found your blog.

    Great job!

    Wow, this girl needs to go away. Talk about miserable.

    Teenagers have enough going on as it is, they don’t need their role models telling them that she is going to END IT ALL!

    How pathetic!

    That’s Evil At It’s Worst…

    Oh, and I would also consider her profile pic on the side of porn…

    So I guess the companies that pay her rent promote women who glorifies being a stripper?

    It really is sad. I, really just feel bad for her family.

    This girl is mental, no doubt but…

    What I’m saying is, what about these companies that KNOW she’s screwed in the head, and promote it wildly to kids?

    I hope mainstream media never grabs ahold of social media.

    It HAS TO Stay In The Hands Of The People!

    Great Post Anita!


  5. Hello ,

    Im new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself, i’m Alex . I’ve been lurking around the forum for quite some time looking up info but finally decided to make an account.

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