Save Money on Halloween Makeup II

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Save Money on Halloween Makeup

Cutting back on extras is an ongoing theme in the United States, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still know how to have a good time! The greasepaint used once a year for Halloween may stretch your budget a little too far, so I’ll tell you some ways to sidestep costs, mix your own and get great visual effects without breaking the bank.

Food coloring in small portion of everyday face makeup loose eyeshadow/eyebrow color such as minerals or ground up chalk – which also makes paint when mixed with Elmer’s glue – into small portion of everyday face makeup to make darker color – blue for death – green for hulk, witch, etc – red for devil, superhero, etc – white for vampires, geisha girl, etc.
burnt cork to get dirty appearance for bum, etc.

Make your own scars, blood, bruises, aging (brow pencil wrinkles, etc.)

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