Best Week EVER! 140 Conference, Foo Fighters & Halloween!

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Best Week EVER~! – Quick 15 minute show

This week, Jeff Pulver held the #140conf in LA and some of my very dear friends were there,

such as: @CiaoBella50 @LoriMoreno @MayhemStudios @HennArtOnline @AdventureGirl @3Lunches

@BethFrysztak and so many more!

@HeatherMeeker @HennaArtOnline & @LoriMoreno were on the cover story of LA Weekly!

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CiaoBella50’s #140conf Picture Blog!

Friday night, the Foo Fighters – my favorite band – held a 3 HOUR online concert for their


See the replay!

Last night for Halloween,  I “dressed up” my Twitter profile as Mae West and tweeted Mae’s quotes all night! If you have never done something like that, I HIGHLY recommend it for next year! It was a COMPLETE BLAST~!!!

Mae West was my "Twostume"

Mae West was my "Twostume"

And I’ve been getting a lot of requests for custom wholesale – an oxymoron! LOL So have to

pull the plug on that one for now in small quantities since that is NOT wholesale, but

custom only – it should have a higher price!

And the doctors I ask about skin care are Dr. Perricone and Dr. Murad, mainly. Dr. François

Marceau did some testing on a rabbit’s ear in Canada – I am against animal testing for

cosmetics – and he is afraid DMAE causes fibroblasts – which are formed during the genysis

of collagen tissue, by the way, but hypothesizes that DMAE may cause thickening of the

skin. I have been using DMAE for 7 years and have nothing but fantastic things to say! Of

course I am not documented, so I am documenting that fact today! The article:

Anti-wrinkle compound causes pathological reaction in skin cells

Please note they are promoting other skin care lines on this page!

More info:

Thank you so much for listening!
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More fun today!

Saw Leo LaPorte & Patrick Today!

Funniest Top 10 Twitter Post Yet!

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