Hottest Summer on Record Globally…So Let’s Have Christmas in July!

Christmas in July!

Christmas in July!

I don’t know how many of you are sweltering in the July heat like me, but according to CNN it is a record number this year – at least in June and expected to be followed up by July. What’s a girl to do when it’s THIS HOT? Why SHOPPING of course~!!!

You may know I’m a member of Virtual Online Learning a place to learn and network online while making friends. This is an awesome community that is centered around selling on eBay, but covers, oh so much more! I have taken classes on email marketing, blogging, YouTube, Facebook, HTML and even taught a class on Twitter lists! @VirtualOnline is truly a place to take a class, then go right out the same day and make money! My friend, Danna Crawford @PowerSellingMom started it one year ago and the progress is just astounding! There are around 100 members so far and I was the very first! I’m very proud to hold that distinction and encourage everyone who wants to do marketing online to join us! Danna is the woman who told me when I met her that I would be a Powerseller -and WHAT MONTH it would happen! Guess what?! She NAILED it~! And I thought it was impossible!

So back to the topic at hand…. as I wipe my brow and adjust my laptop before it scorches my thighs. Again. THIS hot July is MUCH different than last hot July! Besides being much, much HOTTER, Louise from Herbs-Crafts-Gifts and a helper at Virtual Online, set up a “Christmas in July Sale” for  the members and their stores! What a wise woman! I am one of those that always gets to the Holiday stuff after it is sold out – so my customers miss out on all that good stuff. It always goes MUCH sooner than I think it will and already, things are selling OUT! Now we have all banded together to bring you the good stuff before it’s gone, let you get a leg up, give you the shopping edge! Please go check out the stores below! They all have different items and are separately owned. If you wish YOUR store was listed here, you should join us at  Virtual Online Learning please tell ’em Anita sent you! And don’t forget to dip your toes into the snow while you’re there!

Check out the original Holiday Bump

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