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Moms of Different Feathers

Bird of Paradise – My Mom’s Favorite

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Happy Mother’s Day! I say this with enthusiasm and love for all the mothers out there and for those who have gone. Anyone would think I am a Mom, but I am not a traditional Mom. It’s not that I didn’t want to be a Mom; I couldn’t be a Mom. And I no longer have the desire to be a Mom of a human child, so you won’t see me going to a foreign country to get a child faster, though it was a topic for discussion at one time.

There are all kinds of Moms: step-Moms, half-Moms, adopted Moms, Mom-in-Laws, substitute Moms, Foster Moms, friends’ Moms, OctoMoms, surrogate Moms, pet Moms, the list goes on. I am a pet Mom of 2 dogs (bear-wolves) and a cat.

Pet Moms always find each other, both in real life and online, so I know I am in great company. Pet Moms can also be Moms of human children, so I get to hear a lot of stories, see tons of pictures and share in the lives of many. There is no feeling of lack on a day-to-day basis. In other words, don’t cry for me, the wound is not a fresh one. Certain days do call to mind and body the pang of children not present, however, and Mother’s Day is one of those days.

I would like to spend this day visiting my Mom, but she has been gone for 15 years. She was the most important person in my life and raised me alone. It was quite a shock to find her gone on my 30th Birthday. We arrived at her house to take her to brunch and she was not there.

Losing my mother still hurts worse than never having children. I think it always will. You cannot miss what you do not have, not truly.

So for all of you with Moms still here, alive and well, for goodness sake, go see her! Call her! Get or make her a card! Twitter her! Our time here goes very quickly and that’s an understatement. If you are lucky enough to have your Mom here, no matter what your relationship, you owe it to yourself to get to know her, spend some time with her or learning about her. Knowledge of your Mom will translate to knowledge of yourself.  There are all kinds of Moms and the last time I checked, there was still no manual for that job. Extend the “Paw of Friendship”.

Make it a Happy Mother’s Day!

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter & FaceBook
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