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RIP Gidget – The Taco Bell Dog

Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

Yo Quiero Taco Bell!

RIP Gidget

The entertainment industry has lost yet another pillar of pop culture. This funny-faced dog with the voice of Carlos Alazraqui had a generation or four spontaneously mimicking the tag line of Taco Bell’s commercial campaign,

“Yo Quiero Taco Bell!”

(“I want Taco Bell”) What an incredible success! I’m sure Taco Bell must have been pleased. The merchandising was also very successful surrounding the Taco Bell Dog & I can remember meals offered with Gidget’s image on plastic cups, stuffed and plastic toys. We wanted to collect them all.

Hear “her” one last time on Olivia Wilder’s Show: Carlos Alazraqui – Voice of Gidget Taco Bell Dog & RENO 911 Carlos was a fantastically generous interview, performing this catch phrase along with a number of his character voices! Shared via AddThis

Legally Blonde - The movie

Legally Blonde - The movie

After the success of the Taco Bell campaign, most dogs would be all done, perhaps rest on her laurels, but not Gidget! She reportedly by ABC went on to star in movies, Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 in the arms of Reese Witherspoon. In “Legally Blonde 2”, Gidget was the focus where as “Bruiser” she fought for the lives of fellow animals. (I have found many other animals online with the film credit, but will stand by ABC for the information.)

Scene from Legally Blonde 2 - The movie

Scene from Legally Blonde 2 - The movie

Who could resist those giant eyes and over sized ears? There was an eagerness to please in Gidget’s face that you simply do not see in every dog. Personality. Charm.

According to a website called Life expectancy of popular dog breeds, Gidget had outlived most of her counterparts by a good 2 years. She was 15 years old on  when she reportedly died of a stroke on July 22, 2009. There were previous rumors of the dog’s demise that had been long debunked by Snopes.com.

“It was very hard to lose her,” owner Karin McElhatton told ABCNews.com today. “She was a great little dog.”

She will be missed.

For more about the little darling, visit TV Acres’ Advertising Mascots – Animals for a comprehensive article about Gidget’s background, trivia and details.

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