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Holiday Shopping – Time to Start Saving for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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Black Friday Shoppers rush from bargain to great deal~!

Black Friday Shoppers rush from bargain to great deal~!

Listen up, fellow laid-off unemployed people~! Are you looking for your blessings in disguise? You may have forgotten about this little shopping gem…

It’s time to start saving for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days! Black Friday is a shopping holiday in the United States that falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend. Traditionally, Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the holiday shopping season with wonderful sales!

Black Friday is the fourth Friday in November in the USA

Black Friday is the fourth Friday in November in the USA

For the past 8 years or more, I have stepped aside at the newspaper where I was employed, being “the one who works” on these holidays. As a result, I have missed the opportunity to buy things at great prices all over my community on Black Friday, the date so-called since that is when retailers are said to break even and begin to make a profit for that year. I have also worked through Cyber Mondays because they were only important to me, the date that online retailers hold amazing sales encouraging holiday shoppers. Mondays were deadline days, so I missed the opportunity to optimize my online sales. I stepped aside because I have no children, did not host Thanksgiving and any number of reasons my bosses and co-workers could dream up. Fair? You know it’s not!

Cyber Monday this year will be EPIC for ModelSupplies!

Cyber Monday this year will be EPIC for ModelSupplies!

This year will be different! I’ve got numbers to back me up! I will storm the marketplace! Be unbeatable in the grab for the greatest deal and prepare for my own customers like never before! I will be waiting in line at 5 am in front of an electronics store! I have even done my research, well, ok, eBillMe.com did the research FOR me, but here it is!

Based on the amount of people who know about Cyber Monday – very few are planning to do holiday shopping on that day–however most prefer online shopping over Black Friday’s in store shopping.

“I have heard of “Cyber Monday” as the start of the holiday online shopping season”



18-24 yr olds 35%

25-34 yr olds 61%

35-44 yr olds 58%

“I plan to do most of my holiday shopping on “Cyber Monday””



18-24 yr olds 12%

25-34 yr olds 15%

35-44 yr olds 16%

“I prefer to avoid shopping on “Black Friday” in favor of shopping online”



18-24 yr old 37%

25-34 yr old 50%

35-44 yr old 51%

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about Deals and Discounts…

“I will shop for deals or look for coupons. “


Strongly Disagree–2%

Neither Agree or Disagree–20%

Strongly Agree–32%


Strongly Disagree–2%

Neither Agree or Disagree–12%

Strongly Agree–46%

Poll by http://www.ebillme.com

This year Black Friday is Nov. 27, 2009 and Cyber Monday is Nov. 30, 2009.

So there you have it! I guess I will spend more time getting my online store in shape and ready for sales for Cyber Monday! (But I am still going to go out for my first Black Friday!) Either way, it’s time to start saving for that weekend now!

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies



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