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Have You Ever Temporarily Lost Your Confidence? #Makeovers

Which side looks more confident? Even subtle changes can make a world of difference in your outlook!

Which side looks more confident? Even subtle changes can make a world of difference in your outlook!

You know the tell-tale signs of a dip in self-confidence: slow or poor decision making, feeling of dread and the instinct to retreat from any type of challenge. We ALL experience these feelings every now and then. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason, but often, it is the result of some exterior event such as loss of a job or divorce/break up. These are real problems that need to be worked through internally. However…you can speed the process and give it a boost from the outside… that’s right, I’m talking “MAKEOVER”~!

I know a lot of people think that makeovers, makeup, fashion, etc. are shallow, but have they considered how important it is to “act as if”? This is probably not a new phrase to you, but it is no less magical upon rediscovery! The best advice I can give someone who is sad for no apparent reason is to “act as if” they are happy. This is not the same as “put on a happy face”, which has the connotation of faking for the benefit of others. “Acting as if” is for your own personal benefit to retrain your brain, to form the new neuropathways you need to function in a more balanced way. Your brain needs repetition to learn new ideas and change the chemicals that rule your emotions.

While much of this is indeed done in thought, it can be sparked by changes on the exterior and certainly reinforces the idea that you are happy. To those naysayers who feel that caring about your skin, appearance, looks is a shallow or vain practice, I would say, “Get a haircut!” After your new ‘do, you will notice SOMETHING. It might be a little bounce in your step or just the fact that you look into the mirror more to check it out. Looking into the mirror is an excellent time to do some reinforcing thinking and self-talk that will keep you well on your road to happiness. I am in no way suggesting you should stare at yourself all day in the mirror or that all women must wear makeup or that all men should not – these are all personal choices and should be respected as such. I am merely suggesting that taking pride in your appearance is not a shallow action. It has real and lasting benefits to boost your self-esteem and should be respected as such. You know your brain is playing a tape constantly forming neuropathways, why not help determine where they go!

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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