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5 “Get Followed Fast” Finds!

1) User Promotions @Jason_Pollock

Be on the look out for the promotional tweep! Yep, there are many tweeple who love to show twitter love! It can be beneficial for their cause, you and  for them! It’s not conditional love when it’s presented in a playful manner. @Jason_Pollock recently promoted his movie’s hashtag #TYC (and his movie, The Youngest Candidate, btw) by offering to publicly thank anyone who tweeted his movie’s new hashtag! Importantly, he absolutely followed through on his campaign promise to tweet his promoters’ IDs to his 46,000+ followers! What fun! You can bet I promoted #TYC and look, I still am~!

2) Bulk Following Tools Tweepular

Whether or not you’re a fan of bulk actions, there are tons of ways to take them on Twitter. My favorite, Tweepular, gives you a choice in the matter, however. Choices are still good, right?!  You can weed out those who show “no follow love”, by picking and choosing or in bulk.  Or you can boost your Tweepularity  in bulk or chosen follows introduced on this fantastic website! Either way, it adds up to a higher quality and quantity of followers. Who said you can’t have it all?

3) Research Socialtoo Reports

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to tell you which tweets brought in followers and which drove them away? Socialtoo will do just that for a low flat fee, about $20. In return, you get a comprehensive report of your tweets every single night! It gives a brief summary of numbers, then further details who followed and on which tweet as well as who Unfollowed and on which tweet! Further, there are links to all tweeple and there is a link next to each twerson to follow or stop following – right then & there! The unsuccessful tweets, as they are named, may show a side of your tweeting you don’t want to see – and neither does anyone else, so now you know and you can stop!

4) Directories Wefollow

Go ahead and list yourself in the directories, tweep! We want to know who you are and where we can find you. Who knows what future use these databases will have? There’s sure to be a heading or three that fits you, so just go to Wefollow and put yourself under the headings that fit you best. Listing under “Wefollow” implies you will follow back, though stars rarely, if ever, do!

5) TimingTweet-O-Clock

There’s no better teacher for success, than success. Not sure who said that, but sure I will see it in a tweet soon, so I will revise 😉 Use Tweet-O-Clock to find the best time to tweet some of your favorite tweeple…then try tweeting during those times! It’s not rocket science and we always knew that “timing is everything”, but did you think to time your tweets? Lots of people do it, some even automate using Tweetlater.com after finding the optimal tweet times. The chances of getting an @reply from someone you admire greatly improve when you know they’re online. And if many of the people you admire are online & active during a certain time frame, it seems logical that you would find followers during those times that are more relevant and interested in what you have to tweet. Isn’t that all we’re really looking for in the end?

Here’s tweetin’ at you, kid.

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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5 “Get Followed Fast” Finds!
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by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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