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Jump a Low Pony! – Fall Fashion 2009

NYC is atwitter and abuzz with models, designers, buyers, celebs and photags rushing the streets! True, this show is for Fall 2009 and we are just going into Spring 2009, but how else does one know what to buy for the store floors? What better way to see the latest creations than on the runways paraded by gorgeous, long-legged confident models with a new idea at the end of each carpet?

Often, fashion is a way to cheer the masses, give an outlet for frustrations of economy, government and political woes of the world. Fashion 2009, however, seems to be a different story. Fall 2009 presents the woman “undone”, with low ponies (off-center, non-perfect part with a ponytail tied low at the nape of the neck with long, loose, face-framing bangs falling on either side of the face giving the impression that her hair was done – a few days ago!) and other tell-tale signs of a woman in danger of herself or who has been struggling with little reward. There are quite alot of angles in the styles overall.

This is said to be an Eighties’ revival of sorts (why!?), so we are seeing shadows of the men’s uniform trend, milder shoulder pads, men’s hats, the giant belts (you know, the kind that they crucified Jessica Simpson for wearing?), bright colors, bold patterns, heavy textures, tights, leg warmers, furry/fuzzy boots and more “fun from the thirties and eighties” styles! Through a different lens, one could see homeless people from the thirties.

Makeup provides color popping lips and eyes, but not at the same time. A matte face seems to be in favor, but we will touch on makeup in another post.
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