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TwitBlocking – Shocking New Twitter Trend Brings Me To My Knees

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According to Twitter,  “Blocking someone instead of removing them means that not only do you not want to follow them, but you want to deny them the ability to follow or reply to you.”


Thanks to my dear friend, @williger and his blog,  I now know the Twitter community I belong to is “Reciprocal”. Think of it almost as a political party, yet all types of political philosophies exist within the Reciprocals. The main thing that holds us together is our undying belief that all things should ideally “even out”. We’re the “even Stevens” of Twitter. We prefer when people follow us back so the lines of communication are open. And, yes, we like to follow and be followed by lots of people! It keeps Twitter continually diverse and interesting beyond any dream! No, it’s not bad on the ego, either, or for business or social standing or SEO rankings or whatever each individual may hold as a goal.


You will also get the most interactivity from us in @replies and responses to your tweets. Reciprocals hold fast to the belief that all tweets and tweeters are created equal. You will even find the occasional celebrity in our midst: @AlRoker @Alyssa_Milano @Deepak_Chopra @SuzeOrmanShow @QBKILLA (Warren Sapp). These celebs may not always follow back, (one of the Reciprocals’ main binding traits), but they DO interact and talk with their tweeps which is much more important!


However, “all things being equal” goes both ways, just as in the Law of Attraction. Whether good, bad or in between, like attracts like in this world, so it should really come as no surprise that the same would hold true with blocking other Twitter accounts.

Somewhere along the line I felt encouraged to block accounts that I believed were set up for porn or spam. Whether the encouragement came from an outside app, Twitter itself or my own logic, it was there. I felt I was “doing my part to control spam”, a phrase so ingrained, I can’t believe it is part of my own machination. I began to block those accounts and recently, was made very aware of that what I was doing was also being done “reciprocally” to me.


One of my favorite tweeps sent me a DM (direct message) about a site designed to separate spammers from real people, or “Bot or Not?” called TwitBlock.org His message was of an urgent nature. “You must do something about this!” My Twitter account had been blocked by 10 others! 10, yes TEN~! I was MORTIFIED to learn this! I had to do something, but what could I do? I went into a slight panic and started checking my friends who are most “like me” to see if I was alone and I was alone, until the next day~! I checked Friend A’s and Friend B’s accounts. Friend B had 6 blocking, while Friend A had 1. The numbers changed again by the next day!


Friend A – Blocked by 3 TwitBlock users
That’s a pretty strong indication that this account is a nuisance.
So 3 people of 34,000 have blocked Friend A and that makes her a NUISANCE? No sirree, Bob!

Friend B – Blocked by 9 TwitBlock users
That’s a pretty strong indication that this account is a nuisance.
Friend B a nuisance? Um, I don’t THINK so! Friend B is NOTHING but Love & Light, spreading joy from one corner of the twitterverse to the next~! She also interacts with her tweeps! A nuisance? I think NOT!

@ModelSupplies – Blocked by 17 TwitBlock users
That’s a pretty strong indication that this account is a nuisance.

twitter birdawkward

Perhaps I am a nuisance. I should seek these people out and try to make amends! How can I find out WHO blocked me? What did I DO to make them block me? How can I change my behavior if I do not know what I have done wrong? How very depressing and powerless this knowledge can leave you! I am in search of an application that will reveal to me those who are blocking me, so I started with Twitter.

But how can all of these numbers have the same recommendation? How is 3, 9 and 17 in the same category? I began to wonder if this site is not its own nuisance. I can see the value in finding accounts that are up in the thousands, but what then? Block it? So that it can block you in all its spamminess? What if there are armies of people looking to destroy a certain account and just blocking feverishly? This all makes me uneasy and wreaks havoc in my lovely Twitter ecosystem. I have personally decided that I do not like this TwitBlocking site and advise against it. I think blocking accounts that are created for the purpose of spamming is still a pretty good idea, but I wanted to explore further…


When you Twitter search “Blocking me” you get a wide array of accounts with an even wider array of reasons for blocking people. Some of the reasons were purely that they were new accounts and did not know the person following them, so that person would be blocked! Blocked for being neighborly? Kicked out of the nest? Who ever heard of such a thing? This is a new Twitter phenomenon for me. I was ready to accept that my reciprocal community was likely “blocking me back”. Nevermind that those accounts are legitimate spam accounts, investigated by me personally and hand blocked. Did you also know there are applications that will block in bulk? That’s a pretty risky action to take, given human nature is to block someone who blocks you.


I had the impulse, gut reaction to protect myself from these people, especially the newbies who are blocking because they have no concept of Twitter yet formed. In my world, this is very similar to a neutral or negative feedback on eBay or Etsy. On eBay, you would take the proactive position and block a buyer who looks as if they may leave less than positive feedback, thereby minimizing risk to your account and business. Twitter is not so different. We all have the instinct to protect ourselves. Some even sacrifice getting followers and networking to have protected updates.

Now I have checked again today, August 19, 2009. Today, those numbers have changed!

Friend A – Blocked by 14 TwitBlock users
Friend B – Blocked by 19 TwitBlock users
@ModelSupplies – Blocked by 35 TwitBlock users

These numbers are climbing way too fast signifying a trend. While I do not want to be someone who should be blocked, I wish I never heard of the TwitBlock website. I feel like I will visit it a few times every day, obsessively destroying my spirit for the moment. I am going to remove my wonderful friends’ names from this article so they do not have to feel the way I feel right now. I have decided to unblock all the accounts I have blocked –the true spam and porn accounts, because of the possibility of reciprocal blocking. I am not the “Twitter police”. I do not know where I got the idea that this was my civic duty or that it helped cut down on spam, but I no longer believe that my blocking makes a difference to Twitter. Hopefully some will reciprocate the unblocking…


Here’s a choice side note. Verified accounts are “exempt from spamhood” on this site, however, it still tells how many people have blocked the account! So, those of you wondering about @GuyKawasaki’s account or other high profile accounts can still be nosy. Verified accounts are still subject to snooping.
Let’s face it. Twitter is a fairly elitist community, usually in positive ways. Don’t expect it to be fair, but it is also a democratic setup based on choices. Twitter is aware of the TwitBlock site. The founders and friends of the founders of Twitter use it in playful banter.

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My Dad and The Power of Optimism at Work and Play

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7-12-09 Pre-recorded 15 minute show

The Power of Optimism at Work and Play This week I have watched the power of optimism at work in my own father. I never really noticed how gifted he is at inspiring others to help him get the very best, but I am now taking notice.

This show will not have segments; it’s all about him and the remarkable way he draws people to him and never lets anything stop him in his tracks. Anyone would enjoy hearing about my Dad. He knows someone almost everywhere he goes! At 82 years of age in 2009, our perceptions are changing about just how old that is. There are more octogenarians than ever now, and the average life expectancy in the US continues to jump.

My Dad has had numerous experiences that would stop the average person in his or her tracks.
I am now convinced that the reason he thrives is because he wants to thrive. He is eternally optimistic.

Thank you so much for Prayers!
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