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Skin Care – What About Normal Young Skin?

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Caring for Normal healthy skin

Caring for Normal healthy skin

How old should you be when you start a skin care routine? My skin is normal, do I need a skin care routine?

If you have normal skin, you will still want to keep up a basic skin care regime to ensure beautiful skin well into your later years. It is absolutely essential and considered simply good hygeine to take care of your skin. Soap and water is not enough and it’s not the answer. It’s important not to overdo any of the steps involved and use gentle products at all times since your skin can overreact to harsh treatments.

Step 1) Cleanse – Choose a cleanser for every day that does not use friction, granules or strong chemical exfoliants. Foaming is not important and the surface should feel not oily, not dry or tight after rinsing and patting dry.

Step 2) Tone – Toners can be anything from a boost of vitamins such as Best Ever Toner by ModelSupplies to preparations made for exfoliation and oil removal. Avoid alcohol, high contents of witch hazel or anything drying. Alpha hydroxy acids are popular in exfoliating toners, but they are best used at bedtime only since it reduces your skin’s ability to protect from the sun.

Step 3) Moisturize – Use a light moisturizer that is right for your skin. After applying the moisturizer, wait a few minutes and do the tissue test: if a ply of toilet tissue will stick to your forehead, it is too greasy of a lotion for you. Also, if it feels too oily, listen to your instincts. If your moisturizer is too heavy, it can cause your skin to stop producing oil for itself resulting in dry skin! The great thing is that you will know when you have the right one. Your skin will feel fresh, soft, and effortless.

Step 4) Sunscreen – Use at least SPF 30 sunscreen on your face and body every day! At least your face. The sooner you begin this action, the better. Most Moms know they need to put sunscreen on their children and they should teach them early as part of a routine. It is an action you can take to prevent skin cancer. Start very young and never stop!

Step 5) Masks – When your skin is young and normal, don’t torture it with drying mud masks or take heavy action. Once a week, a nice yogurt exfoliating mask would be great! You really only need to remove dead skin cells, excess oil buildup and get it done as gently as possible.

In the end, you really have the same routine as the rest of us, but with a more gentle product line and a few less steps.

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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