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Open Your Mind! Expand Your Horizons! – Quick 15 minute show

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Open Your Mind! Expand Your Horizons! – Quick 15 minute show.

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Open Your Mind! Expand Your Horizons! – Quick 15 minute show

Most of you know that I am a vegetarian, middle of the road Democrat and against animal

testing for cosmetics. What you may not know is that I am a supporter of the right to bear

arms and, while I do not hunt or eat meat myself, I can see the need for others to do so

and hold no “beef” with them over it. In fact, I have recently begun selling Pella hunting

wear and gear in cooperation with PheasantPhun.com and TeamHuntress.com and am finding a

new appreciation for it!

I believe it is extremely important for us to keep our minds open, live and let live and

not attack one another over our beliefs. There is room for all of us in this world and

plenty of room for varying opinions.

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