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My Dad and The Power of Optimism at Work and Play

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7-12-09 Pre-recorded 15 minute show

The Power of Optimism at Work and Play This week I have watched the power of optimism at work in my own father. I never really noticed how gifted he is at inspiring others to help him get the very best, but I am now taking notice.

This show will not have segments; it’s all about him and the remarkable way he draws people to him and never lets anything stop him in his tracks. Anyone would enjoy hearing about my Dad. He knows someone almost everywhere he goes! At 82 years of age in 2009, our perceptions are changing about just how old that is. There are more octogenarians than ever now, and the average life expectancy in the US continues to jump.

My Dad has had numerous experiences that would stop the average person in his or her tracks.
I am now convinced that the reason he thrives is because he wants to thrive. He is eternally optimistic.

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