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Want to try a 24kt Gold Mask for your skin for Valentine’s date tonight? STOP!

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Not the time to try a 24kt Gold Facial Mask for the 1st time!

Not the time to try a 24kt Gold Facial Mask for the 1st time!

If you’ve watched the Style channel around the time of any red carpet event, you have no doubt seen the beauty procedures designed for stars before a big Hollywood party. The primping and pampering, massages and facials, fittings and steams. Well, I am here to tell you that one of the best things you can do for your big event tomorrow night is….


Yes, that’s right! If you want to look fantastic tomorrow night, the best thing to do is stick pretty much to your usual rituals! Even lay off some of those steps that are likely to cause eruptions or irritations. I know you have been dying to try that new mask, but most masks are designed to eliminate the impurities from your skin and that is not a pretty process to behold! The only healthy way out for impurities in your skin is to come through the surface, causing a blemish… a pimple… a ZIT~!!!

Definitely not what you need for a special night! There are others who crave extra exfoliation today to prepare for tonight or tomorrow – STOP~!!! You may set into motion a sensitivity to abrasion, chemical or even natural ingredients that you didn’t know you had. Consider the 24 hour test for hair coloring… if you wouldn’t take that chance with your hair (or even if you would, you vixen!), do not take the chance with your skin! The results are on a roulette wheel and you never know which way your luck will run. This is NO TIME to discover a brand new allergy, is it?

To look your very best, trust your own wisdom and intuition that you used to set up the routine you were on when you were ASKED out on that date! Save the 24kt Gold Mask for the Friday night of a 3 day weekend you plan to dedicate to spa luxuries. Concentrate instead on a new shade of lipstick, slightly different hairdo, pop of color on your shoes or other unexpected place and… remember that men just love black… They just do… Wear black and an unexpected pop of color to make your night special and draw the attention to you. So just keep being your beautiful, unique self!

If you want a Happy Valentine, Be a Happy Valentine ♥

(This goes for men, too!)

You have a lot of other things to think about besides your skin, after all, don’t you? I promise most men, real men will not even notice the things we women obsess about – that even includes cellulite. We, women would do well to follow suit. And dark chocolate is not only filled with antioxidants, it is also a true aphrodisiac! Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and let your heart swell with love!

Two Hearts Beat As One

Two Hearts Beat As One

by Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies on Twitter – Follow me!

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