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Hyaluronic Acid Shortage?

ModelSupplies is a skin care brand that is dedicated to bringing the very best products, high in active ingredients to people in a customized DIY form that is affordable for the everyday person. ModelSupplies also offers ingredients both with product and separately. Recently, we have had a number of orders at ModelSupplies on eBay for the ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid powder. That is not unusual, since it is a fantastic product possessing the ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water! HA is also known by ModelSupplies customers to help with the skin lightening process while it keeps skin hydrated, filling wrinkles from within!

We had a few more orders than usual, so went to make an early order from our wonderful regular supplier. When we arrived, however, we were told that the 100% Hyaluronic Acid powder was not currently in stock, a disappointing answer, but interesting nonetheless. Fortunately, ModelSupplies does not rely on any one supplier at any time for ingredients, so our buyers went on to the next suppliers and found the HA powder there, however at a higher price. We at ModelSupplies do not raise our prices in times like these and still accept orders, giving the opportunity for a refund, if preferred, even though the wait would be only 1 week at most.

ModelSupplies has unconvered a Valentine’s Day mystery! What happened to all of the Hyaluronic Acid powder? I am very happy to say we have secured some and do hope it will be enough to get everyone through…but what happened to the supply? There have been an inordinate amount of products on TV using the “HA” tag, but haven’t there always? The 2nd thing that stands out to ModelSupplies is the fact that so many came directly to us – we’re happy to say! We are happy and puzzled. That must mean that many use the same primary supplier, but do not have sufficient backup supply in place for emergencies. It’s a good thing we are ModelSupplies. Someone else might take advantage of the situation. Stick with us! We’ll get you through!

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